Supporting VDPs

FGDP(UK) Scotland is proud to be associated with the VDP programme. We’re delighted to be able to reward young dentists for their commitment and hard work. Part of the rite of passage for all west of Scotland VDPs is the case study presentation. Every year you produce a range of impressive cases, presented with insight and understanding.

Congratulations to Lorna Hopps, our 2015 winner

Congratulations to Lorna Hopps, our 2015 winner

In 2015 the winner was Lorna Hopps who received a top of the range pair of Zeiss loupes donated by gold sponsors, Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear. Second and third places went to Jamie Barrie and Rebecca Little respectively.

VDP case presentation finalists for 2015

The finalists for this year’s best west of Scotland VDP case presentation were (left to right): Rebecca Little, Nadine Campbell, Jamie Barrie, Rebecca Shields, Shona Hamlet and Lorna Hopps.

case pres finalists 2015

2014’s  winner and finalists

Anna Papadaki, VT overall winner 2014

Anna Papadaki, VT overall winner 2014

Our overall winner for 2014, Anna Papadaki (pictured here with Wright Cottrell’s Fiona Anderson), was announced at the annual study day and received a Caries Detection Kit donated by gold sponsors, Wright Cottrell. Second place went to Jennifer McKenna, with third going to Christine Lyttle. Many congratulations to our 2014 finalists!

The finalists were Nelson Wan, Anna Papadaki, Gillian Ward, Pamela Kent, Jennifer McKenna, John Paul Delaney and Christine Lyttle.


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